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DEFY CONFORMITY! Purchase your Bomberg Bolt-68 Cobra today.

“The Cobra seeks you out, and it knows it will win.”

The cobra is not a peaceful snake, content to go one way while you go the other. It is defiant. Aggressive. Confrontational. Its hooded posture rising with sublime beauty from the flexed coil, is not a pose but a death stare. The cobra confronts everything and everyone face-to-face, daring all challengers because the snake. unlike most predators, doesn’t need to sneak up on you. It knows its own speed, its own agility, its own venomous power to kill. It knows it will win.

The BOMBERG COBRA is a talisman for the snake’s defiant courage. This limited-edition automatic watch is proud, provocative and above all dangerous. The spitting cobra on the dial offers nowhere to hide. Its beauty is unable to be tamed, and it asks no questions and expects no favors. The COBRA pushes beyond the boundaries of politeness to a place where danger reigns and survival is all that matters.

Img 8566 e1474641950450