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BOMBERG is proud to launch the most iconic US timepiece with the BOLT-68 AMERICAN EAGLE.

The bald eagle, symbol of the United States of America represents freedom power and strength. Living as it does, carving its own path, the eagle is more than the leader of a nation, is the leader of a statement, a spirit.

The BOMBERG message is strong and clear. “We want to pay tribute to the most iconic symbol of freedom by creating this amazing timepiece called AMERICAN EAGLE."

We were thinking since the beginning to associate our image to a symbol which represents our DNA. Powerful, strong, rebel and free is how we lead our life.

50 pieces only, one for each American States will give you the opportunity to mark a little more the history of United States.

BOMBERG launches once again an audacious and unconventional timepiece.

Bomberg americaneagle 6 of 30