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Inspired by the SKULL series which commemorates the spirit of the celebration this new BOLT-68 Quartz SKULL PEARL 45mm has been inspired by the Huichol Art.

The SKULL watches celebrate the beauty of mortality, and the each image in Huichol Art has spiritual meaning and it is an expression of deeply held spiritual beliefs.

The art of Huichol is personal and captivating with complex designs, vibrant colours and sacred symbols.

Once again the brand has achieved its goal by sourcing the most exclusive materials, making each design a truly avant-garde piece of work. The black rubber straps of this revolutionary watch make a bold statement, always in line with BOMBERG’s identity.

From a technical point of view, the new BOLT-68 SKULL PEARL has a date and a Swiss made Ronda quartz movement – all held in a black PVD 45 mm gadroons case finishing.

Not only standing out with design and materials, this new watch is also crafted with an ingenious bayonet system including a trigger guard. Patented by the brand itself, this system makes each piece even more flexible and and versatile, changing into a pocket watch when the time-keeping module is detached from its base and attached to e metal chain. This modern and innovative system is a real development in three aspects of the watch-making: size, engineering and security.

This new collection consists of 3 references in different colors:

- Bolt-68 Skull Pearl 45mm Colorful - a bold and vibrant statement full of color.

- Bolt-68 Skull Pearl 45mm Red - a stark contrast that aligns perfectly with Bomberg's disruptive brand.

- Bolt-68 Skull Pearl 45mm Black - a dark-on-dark piece defined by a glowering black skull.


Creativity is the ability to think “outside the box” according to Rick De La Croix, Chairman of BOMBERG. His vision is to create and establish a longstanding watch brand with international exposure, creating a new, uncontested market space rather than competing in an existing one; a brand, which is not so much focusing on potential competitors, but rather concentrates on the needs and desires of its target community, capturing demand as it happens. BOMBERG first opened doors in 2012 and since then stands out in the watchmaking & jewelry industry. Thanks to their innovative, bold designs, the brand has revolutionized the current market and by breaking the rules since brings freshness and innovation to the industry.

Boomberg bolt 68 cadran multicolor