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If you identify with these 3Rs you are a true Skull Rider!

It is thanks to its unique and audacious mind, creating bold and exciting pieces that BOMBERG has successfully emerged into the watch & jewelry industry – a truly innovative and unconventional brand. Bold and unconventional can also be used to describe this new timepiece’s collection released for Baselworld 2017: the BOLT-68 Automatic “SKULL RIDER” – a watch that will give you a significant individual touch and make not only your “rider-look” complete.

Inspired by and designed in line with the Biker universe, this new BOLT-68 Line is available in 3 limited editions.

-The BOLT-68 Skull Rider “Blackheart”- this watch is undoubtedly the darkest and most rebellious model of the collection, thanks to the colour contrast between black and vibrant green. The skull eyes are changing their colour depending on time: wide open, they are green and when closed, we see a complete set of eyes in black. The strap is made of black leather and topped with black silicone nails.

The BOLT-68 Skull Rider “Hellgold- the combination of a soft gold colour combined with dark black is a perfect interpretation of the devil/angel duality hidden in each of us. While the wide-open red skull eyes inspire respect, once closed, you will see nothing else but the calm dark.

-And the BOLT-68 Skull Rider “Eternity Blue”– blue is the colour of the sky and is a symbol of eternity. It seeks peace and calms the torments of the body and the mind. What a beautiful contrast with the Rider rebellion spirit. When open, the skull eyes are blue and a symbol of pure life but once they are closed, the eyes are a synonym of peace and eternity.

All three editions are endowed with night vision elements: the eyes, watch hands or numbers on the dial as well as the BOMBERG branding glow in the dark.

The SKULL watches celebrate the beauty of life and the part of mortality within it – and the precious memories of our loved ones or the transience of our own lives. The Rider spirit on the other hand demonstrates the risk, the rebellion and the vibrancy of life.

By sourcing the most exclusive design, each of the three new watches have become a truly avant-garde piece of work. Equipped with high quality leather straps and silicon nails, this revolutionary watch makes a bold statement and is always in line with BOMBERG’s identity as well as its dedication to the freedom felt in the “biker world.”

But the BOLT-68 Skull Rider collection 2017 is not only standing out with its design and materials but also with its futuristic craftsmanship and the ability to wear it in different ways for any life occasion. The watch is produced with an ingenious bayonet system including a trigger guard. Patented by the brand itself, the bayonet system turns your wristwatch into an exclusive pocket watch. Moreover, the BOLT-68 Skull Rider comes with a handlebar accessory which enables to clip the watch on a motorcycle.

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