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BOMBERG launches the BOLT-68 Automatic TARTAN: a Baselworld 2017 Collection to celebrate punk culture.

BOMBERG first opened its doors in 2012 and since then stands out in the watchmaking & jewelry industry. Thanks to their innovative, bold designs, the Swiss watch & jewelry brand has revolutionized the market. BOMBERG’s aim is to bring freshness into watch tradition and hence the “Swiss House” launches the BOLT-68 Automatic TARTAN – a Baselworld 2017 collection to revive the punk trend.

The story of the tartan pattern goes way back to 18th century and originally gets associated with the Scottish and Gaelic Culture. The Celtic knot art became a vital inspiration for this new collection as well as the punk culture. Initiated as a rebellion against society, a protest against the fashion industry, it later became a fashion trend itself.

The punk trend was an early manifestation of deconstructionist fashion which emerged in UK in the early 70’s – bold and unconventional just like BOMBERG started off in 2012 and continues its journey in the watch and jewellery industry through today.

And the new BOLT-68 Automatic TARTAN collection for Baselworld 2017 is exactly as daring and unconventional. It is available in 3 limited editions:

-The BOLT-68 Tartan “McQueen” – the upper plate of the dial is made of a red colour, which matches exactly the one found on the “McQueen pattern”. Moreover, all three dials show engraved, traditional celtic motives, which are superposed and hand polished.

-The BOLT-68 Tartan “Hood” – the blue upper plate contrasts certainly with the “Hood” tartan pattern and highlights the dark colours of the rest of this time-piece.

-And The BOLT-68 Tartan “McDonald” in celtic green – this colour specifically has been a very traditional one in celtic culture and stands for pride, strength and family. Values that are also dear to BOMBERG’s culture.

The Brand’s exclusive pattern of the strap, the dial and the watch bezel have made each watch a truly avant-garde piece of work and history.

Inspired by those two traditional yet unconventional trends, the three references of the new BOLT-68 automatic 3-Hands Tartan collection combine the functional aspect of always being on time while not forgetting the long lasting tradition of the past. This time-piece will definitely make a long-lasting impression and reveal the little “punky rebel” inside you. The BOLT-68 Automatic Tartan collection will not only make one stand out by its fresh design but also with its Helvetic craftsmanship – a Swiss Made watch that combines both, originality and tradition.

This new watch is also crafted with and ingenious bayonet system including a trigger guard. Patented by the brand itself, this system module is detached from its base and attached to a metal chain – and easily becomes a pocket watch. This modern and innovative system is a real development in three aspects of watchmaking: size, engineering and security.

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