Carole Alkabes puts tattoo artists in the spotlight through her lens

"When I photograph tattooed people, I have the impression of looking through a keyhole like a voyeur, diving into the intimate world of tattoo enthusiasts. A psychological and anthropological journey highlighting the diversity and singularity at the heart of each individual. "comments the photographer Carole Alkabes.

This is unusual. Usually, it is the tattooed people who are highlighted. Driven by his anti-conformist spirit, Bomberg takes the opposite approach, and chooses to highlight the other side. In a space of trust, the tattoo artists reveal their intimacy, their personality, their creativity with the complicity of the photographer Carole Alkabès.

A different, singular subject. The Swiss photographer works in the world of tattooing throughout Europe. She looks at the indelible language of art engraved in the skin. An artistic look at bodies. And this time, on those who master all the lines, the shapes, the roughness, and shape the bodies of others. A look that captures our time, and is part of an ongoing work focused on the "aficionados" of tattooing. Like Bomberg.

Carole Alkabes