1968 Red Arrow

SKU: NS44CHSP.0098.3-1

CHF 595.

Sometimes, a dash is all it takes. This timepiece is black and white with a blazing red sweep hand - a sword held aloft upon the dial like Excalibur, or a poised arrow, or a bloodline. That lone red feature reminds you to be single-minded, focused on both the big picture and its myriad details: vision and precision are what you, and this chronograph, stand for. And just as the red line makes the watch dial visually arresting, the rest of the watch speaks for itself: black stainless steel casing and rim, a notched recessed crown and two chronograph buttons, a dial that uses alternating numbering of the minutes to great effect and a snappy black silicone strap to complete the picture. All that’s missing is your wrist. Available exclusively online.

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