CHF 100.
The tiger's eye beads of this beautiful bracelet look like a swirl of beads adorning your wrist. The tiger's eye crystal is stunningly beautiful and evocative, with its pretty yellow-gold bands. It is also the planetary birthstone of Gemini, making it a special gift for those born in this zodiacal sign. Tiger's eye is a powerful stone known to relieve anxiety and fear and to confer balance and harmony. But this beaded crystal bracelet is transfigured by the presence of an old steel bulldog in the middle. This dog looks fierce and cranky, but he is only the protector of the wearer. In fact, the bulldog is our "ambassador" animal, and we even have a bulldog mascot in our Mexico office named Bolt! The contrast between the frowning dog and the lovely beads makes this bracelet a safe conversation piece, and a great gift for both sexes. We even have a larger metal bead with our badge on it, so you can understand the source of this bold attitude.

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