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Bs45apba.nj2.3 black yellow red front 1

BOLT-68 FENIX NJ2 45mm

watches 45MM


The Phoenix/Fenix – potent and everlasting Greek symbol of rebirth, immortality, the ascent to triumph from the ashes of destruction. A supremely mysterious and powerful image that serves perfectly as a timepiece icon. Like everyone, you’ve known some adversity; but like few others, you’ve soared beyond any challenges and setbacks. The sky-high view is your natural milieu, resurrection is a talent of yours, and your bold confidence emanates from a private core of passion, your lust for life. On our Swiss precision watch’s dial, the majestic, dragon-like bird’s image is engraved on a dark background with swirling shapes, beautiful red accents on the bird’s wings, and orange tones for the ornate numbers. The golden, luminescent hour and minute hands flash on the dial like two avenging swords. Not only is this wristwatch also a finely calibrated timer, it converts, via Bomberg’s patented bayonet system, into an ultracool pocket watch, replete with a Phoenix medallion and chain. The snake-skin strap completes the picture for this startling, striking, audacious statement of a timepiece. Movement, design, and assembly all made in Switzerland.

  • Reference BS45APBA.NJ2.3
  • Crown Screwed-down (couronne vissée), Black PVD
  • Dial Brass, round with inner bezel
  • Chain & Medal Fenix Chain + Fenix Medallion Black PVD
  • Swiss Made Designed and assembled
  • Power Reserve 48 Hours
  • Case 45mm
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Bs45apba.nj2.3 black yellow red date 4
Bs45apba.nj2.3 black yellow red crown 3

After 1968, BOMBERG introduced its second product line collection in 2014: the BOLT-68. The collection's name itself carries the entire brand DNA: ""68"" in reference to one of the most significant years of the 20th Century, and ""bolt"" to emphasize the collection's strength and designed impact.

The most unique and disruptive aspect of the BOLT-68 is its transformative ability. Using an ingenious bayonet system with a trigger guard – an exclusive system patented by BOMBERG – the time-keeping module can be detached from its base and attached to a metal chain to be transformed into a masculine pocket watch. The chain differs quite a bit from the fine chains on the pocket watches of yesteryear. As you will no doubt have realized, this tool is destined more for a pocket on a pair of jeans than that of a gentleman's waistcoat. All BOLT-68 collections include the chain and medallion for turning your exclusive timepiece into a disruptive pocket watch.

Two versions of the BOLT-68 are available: The Bolt-68 Chronograph quartz models measuring 45 mm in diameter and powered by a Ronda caliber 3540D quartz movement, and The BOLT-68 automatic models measuring 47 mm and powered by a Concepto caliber 99001 automatic mechanical movement. The BOLT-68 collection is available in a variety of stainless steel and PVD treated steel cases. The top-of-the-range model, the BOLT-68 Skull, has been produced as a limited edition with a black metallic chain whose links represent a series of skull and crossbones.

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